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Student Of The Week

Guo Wanfeng (Maple): Intermediate B2

1.     How has the IEP helped you?
It helps me getting to many things about American culture.

2.       Were the teachers and staff helpful throughout your courses?
-Yes, especially my reading and speaking teacher. I’ve learnt a lot of things from them.

3.      How has the IEP helped you prepare for classes at UNL or another school?
-It helps me familiar with what American class is and I’m get on well with American accent. I’ve been to the United Kingdom for English training and all I learned was British accent. That helps me a lot.

4.       What is your favorite memory of being in the IEP?
-My favorite memory always my afternoon class.  I like talk to my teacher and I can get a lot of information from him. He has good sense of humor and I feel comfortable and happy in his class.

5.       What adivce would you give other students looking to be in the IEP?
-I want to tell them: If you really want to pass the EPE or TOEFL test, you should study very hard and please don’t be shy, try to talk to your teacher as much as you can. It will help your English skill improve very fast. Also, try to make friends who are not from your country, keep practicing English after class. You will find IEP classes are actually really enjoyable.

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