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How Do You Find Happiness?

by Nakamura Kenji
Country: Japan

How do you find happiness? This is a very difficult question and most people cannot find the answer easily. I also used to be one of those and was always frustrated with lots of study and work. However, after I took part in a volunteer program, my life totally changed in a good way. Here is my experience. Last year, I participated in a volunteer program which was in a university and went to São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil. In São Paulo, I worked at a small orphanage which had about 20 children. Every day I cleaned the children’s rooms, cooked lunch and supper for them and played soccer with them. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the orphanage had a Portuguese class where children could study their native language, so I also worked as a teacher’s assistant, using English and some easy Portuguese words. Through these activities, I discovered some of the wonderfulness that the children had. During the stay, I came to realize that they did not have anything, but they seemed so happy because of the fact that they were loved. Although their lives were surely not content and all of them did not have their parents, their eyes were filled with hope and happiness. Not only the stuff, but also the students who were involved in this volunteer program took care of the children with their love. Even though we have much better lives than them, sometimes our lives are less satisfying. Therefore, I realized that the most important thing is being loved by someone like the children in the orphanage. After the program had finished, the experience in Brazil made me think about how I could find happiness, but finding it was much simpler than expected. For example, when I am with my parents or friends, I feel really happy. I am completely blissful because there are always people who love me at home, school and even my workplace. On the contrary, if I did not have any people who cared about me, I would just feel empty and could not be happy. Even if I had a lot of money and led a wealthy life, I could never feel content because of the lack of love. The important thing to find your happiness is to know that there is a person who loves you in your environment. In conclusion, being loved by someone brings you a lot of happiness as well as makes your life much more enjoyable. In these busy days, people do not have much time to consider others and they are usually frustrated with their lives, so if you get tired with lots of study and work, it would be good to find happiness by being with someone who really loves you. As The Beatles say, “All you need is love”, and “love” has infinite possibilities to change your life in a positive way.

How Do You Find Happiness?

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Spring/Summer 2008
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